About Us

WISH Group Capital provides venture capital development support to technology start-ups

WISH Group Capital works with start-up companies at the seed-stage of development. As a partner, we help these organizations develop the technology and market needs to reach its potential. From the idea to prototype, we support our portfolio companies along the way.

FOCUS. Targeting startups at the idea generation and seed-stage, we have the opportunity to help shape the venture. We invest in all sectors including mobile applications, online marketplaces, social networks, commerce and services.

GOAL. We seek to add value by effectively participating in the development of our portfolio companies. We support of our investments during development and actively guide executive teams in mapping out their companies’ future.

STRATEGY. Our strategy is to identify the point where market demand and technology intersect and to identify the best positioned company with the vision, product offering, and management team to capitalize on this opportunity.

We seek to create value, by investing in developing startups at the seed-stage and partnering with the organization as it grows.